Farm Frenzy 2 Help Cheats Walkthroughs - 2

by mel 27. June 2009 07:08

How to Get the Trophy/Award "For Completing a Level Without Clicking Any Products or Bears"

This one was a little bit trickier than I thought it was going to be. Mostly because I kept clicking on products or bears out of habit. I played around with several levels but couldn’t find the right combination. I finally went online to search for help on it and based on another player’s suggestion, I decided to try Hat Street 5 for this. You are probably not going to get gold on this level if you are playing it for this trophy but with a little determination, you can get the trophy. Below I have listed a few tips I learned along the way that will probably make it a little easier for you.

  1. As soon as you start this level, fill your truck up with all the ostriches except two. Send them to market. You are going to have a lot of other animals left and no money.
  2. Wait until the truck reaches the market and is turning around before you put down any grass. You will run out before the truck gets back.
  3. Two brown bears will come before the truck gets back as well. You will lose several animals to both the bears and the lack of grass. Don’t worry about them.
  4. As soon as the truck comes back, click on your well. Then quickly click on 3 dogs and 2 cats. (Your dogs and cats have to be upgraded as far as they can be. I am pretty sure if you get to this level, they will already be upgraded anyway. I just thought I might mention that.)
  5. You have to watch the bears at all times. If a bear runs away before it is completely caged (and it does happen, especially at the start of the game when the animals rush them) you will have to restart the level.
  6. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY bears or products. If the product is fading, let it get away. I have heard that you can click on the bears AFTER they are completely caged but because I got tired of restarting the levels again and again when I accidentally clicked on the wrong bear I just stopped trying to capture them for the warehouse and let them break free from the cage.
  7. Once you complete the level you should have your award. If you didn’t get it, you must have clicked on some bear or some product by accident and you will have to restart it. I can say this because it happened to me a few times when I didn’t even realize I had clicked on anything and I suspect it happened when I was trying to either click on a factory or a well and something was in front of it or beside it and I didn’t realize I had clicked on it. Either way, it is possible. Good luck!

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